Forest City String School

Delight must be the basis and aim of this art.

The Program

The prime purpose is to encourage enjoyment from playing musical instruments and to foster an interest in and an appreciation of good music by endeavoring to create an environment in which quality instruction can thrive for children on a regular basis.


Children are brought together weekly during the academic year to work together in group classes and performing ensembles under competent instructors and other supportive individuals. Performing opportunities are created through concerts, recitals, and community events for the benefit of children registered in the program. Children are instructed in violin, cello, or harp. Group instruction includes classes from Pre-Twinkle study through to higher level standard repertoire. The school includes Violin ensembles, Senior, Intermediate and Junior orchestras and chamber music ensembles as part of the morning program.

This program for children functions on Saturday mornings as a supplement to their other musical studies. It is paid for through a combination of fees, donations and fundraising.

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